Crossroads Christian Fellowship


Grace Christian Church – Panania


Crossroads is a Christ-centred organisation for adults with various physical and  intellectual challenges and their carers which affirms them, advocates for them and promotes their integration into, and acceptance, by the community and Christian churches. It is multi-denominational but our branch of Crossroads is sponsored by Grace Christian Church who have the responsibility of approving the office bearers that are elected by the members.
We welcome new people! Please ring 02 9773 4754 or send us an email ( to make sure we will suit you and to make sure your visit will be a happy one. We are not carers, so any members with special needs must be accompanied by their professional carer.  We are not registered to work with children.



These occur on the fourth Saturday of every month except December and January.  They are held at the Grace Christian Church, Panania commencing at 4:00 pm and concluding at 6:30 pm.  Average attendance is about 30.  These nights are run for us by various churches and organisations in the area and, consequently, the content of the activity varies considerably.  The activities could be games, dancing, singing, trivia, craft etc. depending on who is running the night for us.  There is always singing and a devotional.  A typical meeting would be:
  • Welcome, birthdays and opening prayer.
  • Afternoon tea
  • Activities run by the visiting church or organisation.
  • News and Secretary’s report.
  • Choruses
  • Devotions
  • Prayers of intercession


These are held occationally throughout the year.  Outings are to such activities as swimming, ten-pin bowling, the Gang Show, barbecue in a park, the zoo or animal sanctuary etc.  Average attendance is about 20.